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10 terrifying facts about the Bermuda Triangle (With Pictures)

7. It Is Not The Only Area In The World That Exudes Strange Activity


The oceans of planet Earth are and might forever be one of the greatest mysteries. From unknown creatures to underground volcanos, we are merely ants floating in a puddle asking to be swallowed whole. The Bermuda Triangle is often speculated over but does it really stand alone when it comes to uncharted phenomenon?

Much like the Bermuda Triangle, there exists a similar area known as, “The Devil’s Sea.” This area is located in the Pacific ocean, near the island of Miyake and the South of Tokyo. It is also known as an ocean graveyard and is home to many daunting disappearances. Like its cousin Bermuda, it has the tendency to disappear entire ships, crews and rescue parties. Both triangular dead-zones occupy the same latitudes and affect the compass’ ability to give an accurate reading. Coincidence? I think not.



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