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15 Wrestlers you didn’t know are “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s close friends… You’ll be surprised! (With Pictures)


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s close friends

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s close friends – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin created more catchphrases on a weekly basis than the average wrestler creates in their career, but perhaps the one most integral to his character was his oft-repeated motto DTA: Don’t Trust Anybody. Austin himself was called The Texas Rattlesnake, and wrestling fans already knew to never trust a snake, so it only made sense for Austin to likewise distrust everybody who dared stand against him in return. Of course, pro wrestling isn’t reality, and Austin has far more friends in real life than his character would ever admit.


In fact, quite a few of his closest friends were the same people he had his most violent battles with in the ring.

Pro wrestling is often a vicious, political, and cutthroat industry, and those terms exponentially increase in relevance as we talk about the wrestlers further up the card. “Stone Cold” was arguably the most successful wrestler in history, making more money for Vince McMahon and WWE in less time than anybody else has ever come close to doing. Austin’s merchandise is still a hot seller whenever he makes an appearance, and fans will always go wild when they hear the glass shatter and know that hell is about to be raised in WWE once again.

For as vicious and mean as Austin was at his worst, one of his most popular trademarks was his willingness to drop his feuds and party with whoever was nearby with a few Steveweisers every time the good guys won the big one. Of course, there was always a chance those beers would have a chaser consisting of a kick in the gut and a Stone Cold Stunner, but Austin’s actual friends are probably free of that side effect. If this makes you curious who Austin might be sharing those beers with on his days off, keep reading and learn about 15 wrestlers you didn’t know were Stone Cold’s closest friends in real life.

15. “Diamond” Dallas Page

“Diamond” Dallas Page is likely one of the last people wrestler fans would expect to be close friends with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, although that doesn’t really have anything to do with either of the men personally. DDP is one of the friendliest and most outgoing personalities in wrestling, and Austin is a pretty fun loving guy who can get along with most people who don’t have workplace problems with him. The strange part of their friendship is that they almost never worked in the same company at the same time. DDP’s WCW career starting to take off around the same time Austin was fired, and Page remained loyal to the company until WWE ultimately won the war.

Nonetheless, Austin and DDP somehow managed to build a strong bond as friends, perhaps due to the fact that they actually lived together years before any of them struck it big in wrestling. The two shared an LA apartment together, and according to Page, Austin was just as rambunctious and borderline alcoholic as the man he would turn out to be. Babysitting a drunken Stone Cold endeared DDP to him, and the two have been friends ever since, regardless of their career paths wildly diverging.

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