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7 Signs you’re not proud of your body in bed


Signs you’re not proud of your body in bed – Chances are, he doesn’t even notice. Do you find yourself turning off the lights to have sex? This might be a sign that you hate your body, especially in bed. But why? It’s time to stop hating your body in (and out) of the bedroom.


“Your body was designed to receive pleasure, whether or not you think your breasts are too small or your love handles too ample. Forget all that during your sensual experience and, instead, put your focus on each and every pleasurable sensation.When you put your attention specifically on what feels good, you’ll focus less on your negative body hang-ups. Sex should not be a place where you criticize yourself, but a playground where you allow yourself complete freedom to receive pleasure just as you are,” says sex expert Dana Myers of Booty Parlor.

So what are some signs you hate your body in bed? Sex expert and star of E!’s Famously Single Laurel House weighs in.

“If you refuse to do certain positions because you’re afraid that your butt looks fat in that position, you can’t stop thinking about how hideous his view of you is right now, you are unable to enjoy sex because you are consumed by thoughts of your jiggles, ripples, bulges, and bounces, or you only want to be in positions that look flattering, these are all major red flags.”

Here are seven more signs you’re self-conscious about how your body looks during sex.

1. You pay more attention to the way you look than the way you feel. 

Obviously, the way you see yourself impacts how you feel, but if worrying about how you look supersedes your enjoyment of pleasure in bed, you may want to work on your body image.

“I wouldn’t say that you hate your body, but you should be concerned if your orgasms are impeded by your concerns about your appearance. Every one of us can be self-conscious about our bodies. Spending more time naked, masturbating to learn more about your body’s unique responses, and closing your eyes to focus on the sensations can help us to overcome body issues during sex,” says sexologist Dr. Jess.



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