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7 Relationship insecurities that are actually really good signs


Relationship insecurities – Relax, you guys are doing great. So you’re in a new relationship. Congratulations! Please enjoy this medal. No wait, I take it back. We are out of medals. Here, enjoy this celebratory pie instead.  You and your partner have found something truly special. You can tell this relationship is going to last a long while, and you couldn’t be more excited.


Except it feels like in a few small silly ways your partner is holding back from jumping into the relationship they way you have.

Don’t worry, these niggling fears and insecurities are totally normal, and their behavior actually proves that they are just as serious about the relationship you two are building as you are.

Yes! TOTALLY normal! And maybe even a good sign. 

Here are a few of these behaviors that you simply do not need to worry about:

1. Watching what they eat 

I’m not talking dieting, I’m talking about them ordering a salad at a spaghetti place because they’re terrified you’re going to get sauce all over their person. When we first start datingsomeone we live in fear of looking foolish around them.

Your new significant other is so worried about what you think in the early stages that they are willing to sacrifice delicious, delicious spaghetti just to prove to you that they aren’t a total garbage monster person. This worry will fade with time once they learn to feel more comfortable and trusting around you, let them work their way through it.



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