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LADIES: If your man seems to be losing interest in you, do these 3 things IMMEDIATELY!


If your man seems to be losing interest in you – Never chase, plead with, or beg a guy to come back to you. You are worth more than that. When the man you love seems to be distancing himself, it’s understandable to get caught up in over-analyzing, worrying, and stressing about what’s going on in your relationship and what you should do.


This is the time to breathe through things instead of figuring out how to get his attention back. Here are 3 things you need to do:

1. Give him his space.

You might think by giving him his space, you may lose him. Trying to win his attention andaffection back when he’s pulling away only puts more pressure on him and yourself. It also increases the possibility of putting more distance between the two of you and him possibly taking advantage of you, and here’s why.

During this time, you will feel confused, uncertain, and most likely a bit desperate. Trying to reel him back under these conditions won’t let you to shine. And if he is having doubts about you, the energy of desperation that comes from trying to keep his interest, confirms his doubts.

Instead, be still and pay attention to his actions while giving him his space. Don’t read into things, because you may misinterpret what’s really going on.

Without pressure, his true intentions will be revealed through what he does. It’s possible thathe may have realized how much he loves you — he may be scared, feeling overwhelmed, and is coming to terms with this. It’s also possible he is thinking of leaving you, and if that happens, things weren’t meant to be.



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