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Top 10 poorest countries in the world (With Pictures)

3 – Central African Republic (GDP per capita of $333.20)

Image result for Photos of the streets of Central African Republic

Like Liberia, the Central African Republic has in the past been victim to war and Central African Republicsignificant political instability. The landlocked central African nation also supports very, very poor infrastructure, thus limiting the efficiency of the distribution of the nation’s resources. Furthermore, this nation also shares similarities with most other African nations in that its economy is mostly directed by agriculture, although an estimated 45 percent of the Central African Republic’s export revenues are from diamonds. However, because of the poor infrastructure and governance that the nation has to deal with, only about 4 percent of the actual arable land that the nation holds is actually used. As a result, the majority of the working population that works within the industry suffer immensely, holding the nation to a GDP per capita of $333.20.



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