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12 Celebrities who lived through their worst nightmare (With Pictures)


Celebrities who lived through their worst nightmare – Like everyone else, celebrities have fears and phobias. Most of them are irrational, of course, but this list wouldn’t be all that interesting if the fears were well-founded now would it? Actors seem to talk about their phobias a lot more than normal people, but maybe that’s because we’re listening a lot more. For the most part, an actor’s fears are no different than yours.


The only way to learn if you have a phobia is to be confronted with it. When you come face-to-fear with your nightmare, you either run, pass out or face it head on. Everyone handles these encounters differently. As a celebrity, you travel around the world; you’re introduced to exotic lands and unique situations. Odds would have it that you’re going to be forced to face your fears more often than most.

This is the case with the celebrities on this list. Through their work, they’ve had to overcome their greatest fears, if only temporarily. Some of them did it with grace, while others did it like little babies, but all of them lived through them, these terrible things that give them nightmares. Celebrities, for the most part, are weirdos; it’s all part of their appeal. So it is fitting that many of them have weird phobias.

It’s also fitting, at least for the actors, that their fears were sometimes used to enhance their performances in films or on stage. Maybe it’ll change the way you watch those specific movies or musical numbers next time you turn them on. Maybe you’ll gain a new respect for these celebrities. You might even lose some respect for them. Whatever happens, we’re happy to be the messenger. Here are 12 celebrities who lived through their worst nightmare.

12. Sylvester Stallone – Fear of Heights


When Sylvester Stallone took on Cliffhanger, he must have thought the cliff scenes were going to be done with CGI because when it came time to trek up the cliff to start shooting, he thought the film crew was joking. It might shock you, but Stallone suffers from acrophobia—a fear of heights. He told the director, Renny Harlin, “the highest I will ever go is the heels of my cowboy boots.” But Harlin knew what it took to get Stallone’s engine revving.

He knew Stallone had a big ego, so he made him make all of his decisions in front of the entire crew, knowing full well that Stallone wouldn’t turn down any challenge in front of a large group. It worked. Stallone took on every shot head on and without visible fear. What a brave soul.



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