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The 12 creepiest gimmicks in WWE history (With Pictures)


Creepiest gimmicks in WWE history – The history of professional wrestling has so often been based on the age-old formula of good guys against bad guys. Fans were wowed by battles that would hopefully edge a competitor further up the ranks where championship gold was concerned or would at least settle a personal grudge.


Then, there are those performers and superstars who struck a nerve with the audience, who’d send shivers through the crowd, made viewers feel uncomfortable in their own skin at the mere sight of them, and remained in the memory of fans long after they had turned their TV off or left an arena.

Whether it’s hulking, intimidating monsters, brutish forces of nature, eerie master manipulators, or just flat-out oddities, wrestling has seen some thoroughly creepy and sinister sights over the decades. We can all cheer our favorite good guys and jeer our most detested bad guys, but there’s something truly unique and mesmerizing about a talent that can make you stop dead in your tracks as you never quite know how to receive them.

We’ve seen superstars freak us out with merely just a few words, while others have shocked and scared us with outrageous actions. Then, there are the ones who just strike at a very primal fear in order to get their point across. So, let’s take a look back through the history of the WWE and give due props to the 12 creepiest superstars to have ever passed through the twisted, tormented corridors ofVince McMahon’s Titan Towers.

12.  Bastion Booger


At a time when the World Wrestling Federation was chocked full of forgettable, regrettable, disposable gimmicks, Bastion Booger is a character who sticks out as being particularly creepy. Granted, Booger rarely did anything creepy to any of his opponents (in fact, he barely won any match of any sort of note), but just Bastian Booger being Bastion Booger was creepy enough to warrant inclusion on this list.

For those fortunate enough not be around at the time (or those who have done their best to block this gimmick from their memories), Bastion Booger was a character portrayed by Mike Shaw, formerly known as Norman the Lunatic. Shaw was initially brought into the WWF as Friar Ferguson, but a backlash from religious groups (and apparently as a punishment for his weight issues), Shaw was soon repackaged as Bastion Booger – an unclean, stinking, oversized oaf who would wear outfits far too small for him and who would rarely be seen without a chicken leg in hand.

The sight of Bastion Booger coming into the ring (with morsels of food spewing from his mouth), was enough to turn the stomach of any and all fans watching. More shockingly, though, Bastion’s one win of note was a clean victory over Owen Hart just before The Rocket started his feud with Bret Hart. Sadly, Mike Shaw passed away in 2010, but he’ll always be remembered by certain unfortunate fans as the stomach-churning, gluttonous Bastion Booger.



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