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12 Hollywood celebrities who stepped out without wearing bra… You just can’t stop staring! (With Pictures)


Hollywood celebrities who stepped out without wearing bra – Some fashions are all about clothing. Just think about boots, scarves and body conscious dresses. Other fashions are all about accessories. Perfect examples would be statement jewelry, bulky handbags and hipster glasses.


And some fashions are focused on hair. Brown is the new blonde, wavy is the new curly, and thick brows have replaced pencil thin ones. But fashion also extends to our bodies themselves. Big booties and thin waists are all the rage, as are pearly white teeth and bronzed skin. However, there’s one look that trumps them all – going braless. It’s a perfect marriage between styling one’s wardrobe and styling one’s body. And of course celebrities are at the forefront of this trend.

More and more often, we see stars walking around braless. It doesn’t matter if they’re taking a selfie in their pajamas, running errands in a T-shirt, or walking the red carpet in a haute couture gown. They are all bra-less, all the time. And it’s undeniably hot. If you’re looking for an eyeful, we’ve got it here for you. This is the list you need to see in order to ogle all the braless wonders that call Hollywood home.

12. Rita Ora


Rita Ora gets more press for her fashion than whatever it is she does for a living. A perfect case in point is this get-up. She’s a beautiful girl dressed in duds that are surely worth thousands, but all anyone can focus on is her chest. She’s like the Mary Poppins of boobs – she’s practically perfect in every way! She’s got size and symmetry. No wonder she’s photographed everywhere she goes.

This look, while hot, is also a little hilarious. You know how a mullet is business in the front and a party in the back? The same kind of goes for wearing a suit without a shirt or bra. It’s like she’s ready to go from a business meeting straight to the gentleman’s club. And for all we know, that’s exactly where she’s heading. Her hair, makeup and red nails are definitely not office casual.



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