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13 Kids you won’t believe actually exist (With Pictures)


Kids you won’t believe actually exist – Whether you absolutely love kids or you don’t think that you will ever want to have any of your own, you are going to be floored by this list of 13 Kids You Won’t Believe Exist. These children have conditions and diseases that you might expect to only see in a horror or science fiction movie. The good news is that most of these kids met great happy endings and have been able to move on from their lives.


Sadly, others have struggled to attain to a normal level of living. These children come from all over the world and range from India to Asia, the United Kingdom and America. They are from far and wide, but they represent just a tiny fraction of the human population. These kids are the anomalies, the ones that you never really think about existing in real life. Even so, that isn’t to say that they don’t deserve a full shot at life (or as full a shot as possible in their particular situations).

Can you imagine what it might be like to be the parent of one of these kids? Would you abandon them? Put them up for adoption or foster care? Love them unconditionally regardless? Some of these kids have been called cursed and been shunned by their communities. Others have been fully supported and even given life-changing surgeries, free of charge. It just goes to show that life conditions are not equal for everyone.

13. Verdant Joshi

Via dailymail

Born in India, Verdant Joshi came out of his mother’s womb with his right foot weighing significantly more than his left foot. As a young child, Verdant’s right foot weighed 12 pounds, which wasn’t much more than his total body weight. The foot was enlarged and difficult to lift, which will undoubtedly make daily life a challenge for Verdant. Even so, the 5-year-old is able to run, jump, and play just like a normal boy.

There are still people in his village who don’t want their children to play with Verdant, but he is proving himself to be quite a capable boy. Still, it would be helpful if doctors could figure out why this condition persists for Verdant and how they can get rid of it. Unfortunately, a diagnosis has not been made, even with dozens of doctors checking out Verdant’s foot. They have told his family that the only viable solution is to amputate his right foot.



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