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13 celebrities living with physical deformities – You’ll be surprised to see this! (With Pictures)

1. Joaquin Phoenix – His Lip

We know him from his childhood television roles, movies such as Signs, and for being River Phoenix‘ younger brother. The Puerto-Rican born vegan is actively involved with PETA and other animal rights advocacy groups, and won a Grammy for having lent his talent to the Walk The Line soundtrack.

Yet, many of us simply can’t get over that upper lip. It apparently hasn’t hurt his career, although it is a defect which causes thousands of babies to be born with their upper lip separated every year. It is a defect referred to as a cleft palate, and it’s a condition which forms while still in utero.

Many times, the separation in the lip or mouth does not grow together before the child is born, but Joaquin was fortunate in that regard, as he was left with a small scar where the separation would have been.


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