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22 eye-opening facts about the porn industry – they don’t want you to ever know this! (With Pictures)


Eye-opening facts about the porn industry – A report was done back in 2016 which found that every single second, $3,075 is being spent on adult entertainment. In fact, the adult film industry is worth a staggering $4.9 billion! It was also reported that 70% of males visit adult sites in a typical month, with over 40 million Americans being considered regular viewers.


We aren’t watching it for long, with the average length being 6 minutes and 30 seconds, but we’re sure watching it often, as every single day there are roughly 68 million search engine requests for adult entertainment.

But how much do you really know about the adult film industry that has surely played a role in your life? Below we’re going to pull the covers back and unveil some of the dirtiest secrets the industry has to offer.

Some of it is tame, like what the average “size” of performers is, how much they earn per scene or little industry secrets that may ruin some of the mystery.

Other facts are horrifying and may shape your opinion on the industry when you read about the role of abuse, both physical and sexual, that seems to be rampant in the industry.

But no matter your stance, you’ll surely be left with a far more informative look at one of the most controversial industries in society. Do you have thoughts on the article, positive or negative? Feel encouraged to comment below and share the list on social media.

20. How Many Performers Get Their Start

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When it comes to people that know the adult film industry, Jenna Jameson is definitely high on the list of names you should trust. Which is why it’s devastating to hear how she describes the start of almost every actress in an interview where she says, “Most girls get their first experience in gonzo films – in which they’re taken to a crappy studio apartment in Mission Hills and penetrated in every hole possible by some abusive asshole who thinks her name is Bitch.

And these girls, some of whom have the potential to become major stars in the industry, go home afterward and pledge never to do it again because it was such a terrible experience.”

When you consider the level of abuse that people already feel is present in the industry, that is hardly the first experience you want to be given.



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