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25 times celebrities got badly drunk in public – Beyonce & Miley were completely messed up (With Photos)

16. Amanda Seyfried

The above photos may be from two different nights, but they clearly show that when Amanda Seyfriedhas had enough, her head gets powered down and sleep is not far away. Even if that also means she’s cuddling up with one of her gal pals!

Seyfried also made headlines when she appeared on The David Letterman Show and admitted to Letterman that she was drunk. Seyfried also went on the record in saying that she had never done an afternoon live television show without first making sure she had some liquid courage. While she also joked to Letterman that she would never enter rehab, she has since admitted that she’s sought therapy for her issues.

15. Katie Price

Katie Price may be a famous model, but when she goes out drinking she looks like she instantly just turns into that girl who wants too much attention and then passes out way too early. Like what are you even doing in the photo on the right? If you were a regular girl at the club people would think you’re trashy, the fact that you’re a famous celebrity definitely does NOT make it better.

The photo on the left, clearly taken later that same night, shows the type of burden that a drunk friend can have on the group. Who knew they were going to get an upper body workout carrying her drunk ass around?



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