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25 times celebrities got badly drunk in public – Beyonce & Miley were completely messed up (With Photos)

12. Lindsay Lohan

One of the most important things to note in the above photos of Lindsay Lohan is that she clearly has different colored hair in both photos.

I guess that’s what happens when there are multiple evenings out there with photos of you getting your drink on! The photo on the right is definitely the more embarrassing of the two, but at least she had someone there to pick her up when she fell!

11. Jennifer Lopez

Now, in defense of Jennifer Lopez, if you were partying with Diddy, you’d probably go pretty hard too! That being said, the photo on the left is proof enough that she’s probably going to have quite a headache the next day.

The one on the right is far more recent, taken back in 2015 at the American Music Awards where many reports surfaced of her getting her “drank” on. On top of that, Lopez was also allegedly flirting with Diddy, despite her boyfriend Casper being there. Awkward!



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