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8 Amazing things that happens to your body when you stop eating processed food


Processed food – ICYMI: A new study published by the journal BMJ Open dropped a serious truth-bomb earlier this month: 58 percent of the food Americans eat is considered “ultra-processed” (a.k.a. loaded with sugars, oils, and funky chemicals you can’t pronounce.)


Just because you’re not chowing down on orange-as-hell cheese puffs and candy bars, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, either. “Technically, any food that’s not straight from the tree or the ground is processed,” says Keri Glassman, R.D. If an ingredient list includes preservatives, artificial ingredients, or added sugar (just to name a few), you better believe it doesn’t qualify as “clean eats.”

That means your average breakfast cereal, the bread in your pantry, and even your afternoon protein bar—all processed. Since we know ditching diet sodamakes your bod super happy, we wondered: Could we all benefit from purging processed foods from our life, too? Here’s what might go down in the first few days…and further down the road.

1. Fewer Headaches

quitting processed foodsIN THE FIRST FEW DAYS

“Ingredients in processed food like MSG, nitrates, and nitrites often cause migraines,” says Tanya Zuckerbot, R.D., CEO and author of the F-Factor Diet. Eating something that contains one of these ingredients—like a hot dog or even lunch meat—could trigger misery within 20 minutes.



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