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9 things the most attractive single ladies ALWAYS do – See this now!


Things the most attractive single ladies ALWAYS do – Own being single and live life inspired, emboldened and energized! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. Not all of us are ready to find love, to settle down, or even to meet for coffee unless it’s going to advance our careers. Sure, deep down we’re all dreaming about the day we bring home “the one.”


But right now? Right we want to create a home of our own and on our own. Or we want to jump from home to home because we’re not tied down, and we like it that way for now.

Society can make it seem like being single at a certain age means you’re falling behind. As a fellow single woman, I vehemently disagree.

Take yourself, for instance. Chances are, you’re a highly motivated, ridiculously passionate, and a bright-eyed young woman with all the potential in the world to change it. 

Am I right?

Our digital culture can make it a little discouraging to be single when everyone else is gettingmarried and having babies.

Yet our culture is also seeing a change — one that supports women going after their dreamsand not after diamond rings. We’re seeing our world evolve this way and it’s up to us to grow with it and to make the new “normal.”

Because you’re not falling behind… you’re just falling for the wrong guy.

It’s time to forget societal expectations. It’s time to change the way fairy tales are written — it’s not a matter of erasing the happy ending, but changing the way we get to one.

For now, focus on being a badass single woman who’s chasing her dreams. Go chase headlines and go change lives. You don’t need a man to do any of it. But what you do need are these 9 tips to help you get there:

1. Travel the world. 

Traveling opens your eyes and your heart. If anything is going to empower you, it’ll be watching the sun rise in another part of the world.

Go with friends or travel solo, either way there’s an entire world waiting for you to discover it, to have an adventure, and to explore.



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