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How to have KILLER, once-in-a-lifetime sex during a one night stand



Sex during a one night stand – We ALL get horny once in awhile. If you want to know how to have a one-night stand and have great sex while you’re doing it, you’re in the right place. You see, if you’re female, you may already know that weird feeling of knowing it’s actually really easy to have a one-night stand. But having a one-night stand that’s actually enjoyable is a whole different story.


I want to arm you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need in order to have hot, enjoyable sexduring a one-night stand without having to worry about any awkwardness or weirdness.

The first thing to get straight is figuring out the reasons why you want to have a one-night stand. It could be for many diverse reasons:

  1. You just feel horny.
  2. You haven’t had sex in awhile.
  3. You’d like to feel wanted and desired by a guy.
  4. There’s a guy you want to sleep with but not date.
  5. You’ve never had a one-night stand before and it’s on your bucket list.

These are just 5 reasons, but at the end of the day your reasons may be different. Now, finding out the reasons is not to analyze every detail of yourself. It’s simply so you can ensure you have a good time, and more importantly, don’t wake up regretting it.

The sad thing is that many women seriously regret having a one-night stand the morning after. One-night stands mostly suck when you feel used and go into it with the wrong intentions. If you’re someone who doesn’t usually like jumping into bed with a guy until you feel you know him, then obviously it’s not going to be fun for you to jump into bed with a total stranger.

Even if it’s someone that you know quite well, you may still feel weird about sleeping with him during a one-night stand instead of taking things more slowly.

The other time that having a one-night stand really sucks is when you think it will help you get the guy. In rare cases it can certainly work, especially in the short-term. But if you’re serious about starting a relationship with a guy you like, then having a one-night stand is going to work against you. In fact, it may make him see you as easy, which is detrimental to any relationship.

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