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LADIES: 13 Occasions when you should wear thongs


Occasions when you should wear thongs – Many women think that wearing thongs makes them look better. Esthetically, thongs have some advantages, but wearing them too often can be bad for you, ladies. Jill Rabin, MD, ob-gyn professor, points, that a tiny strap of fabric on the back of the thongs can rub sore your anus and vulva, when you walk. It can result in infection. So, if you buy thongs, make sure that they fit perfectly.


Here are 13 occasions, when thongs shouldn’t be worn at all.

1. When you are going to wear tight fitting clothers all day long

We mean most sportswear, like spandex leggins. It is made of unbreathable fabrics, which means more sweat and heat, a perfect environment for germs. Don’t wear thongs on a workout!



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