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LADIES: If you do any of these 8 things, no man will ever respect you!


Respect – It is no news that we are in an era where women are no longer respected because of the way they throw themselves at men. There are so many bad eggs in the society, this has made most of the men think women are the same and can be treated as one.


We do not need to sing or chant the praises of women before you know how important they are in the society. The roles they play can never be over-emphasized irrespective of the things they do.

It is disheartening to know that many men have little or no regard for the women in their lives due to their past experiences. Some women in truth do not know how to comport themselves in a gathering.

They end up doing silly things that will make the world abuse the gender and what they stand for. No matter how much people rant for change, women will continue to be abused until they stand up and prove themselves as dignified entities.

You do not fight for respect after all, you earn it! If you want to be treated differently from the girls flocking the streets, then you have to act differently. Add a twist to your life and personality and those who meet you will respect you.

If you do any of the things below as a woman, no man will respect you:

1. You are a puppet

You will lose your respect as a woman if you do these things

If you do not have a mind of your own as a woman, no man will respect you. No one is asking you to be stubborn and defiant when being talked to; however, there are ways you can express your opinion without stepping on toes.

Men appreciate women who have minds of their own and can take decisions without being pushed around.



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