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12 Celebrities who’ve denied obvious boobs enlargement and butt implants (See Before & After Pictures)


Boobs enlargement and butt implants – In today’s society, there is so much pressure put on women to look a certain way that a lot of them find it necessary to have work done. It has almost become impossible to live up to society’s high demands when it comes to the way women look. Instagram, magazines, television and movies are all reminders that women are supposed to have perfect faces being held up by perfect bodies.


This is something that is becoming more and more common and even the most beautiful women in the world have had work done. In show business, there is even more pressure put on women to look a certain way, which is why so many of them decide to turn to plastic surgery. From Botox to lip injections, adjusted boobs and breasts or nose jobs, celebrities are far from strangers to the world of cosmetic surgeries.

However, many celebrities try to deny having work done, which is why we at TheRichest thought it would be a fun idea to come up with a list of super hot celebrities who have obviously had work done, but who deny ever doing it. Some of the women on this list may surprise you, and even the ones who won’t, will still leave you entertained.

These are twelve gorgeous female celebrities who deny their obvious plastic surgery. C’mon ladies, if you are going to do it, you should own it!

12. Blake Lively

Via makemeheal and pinterest

Blake Lively is stunning, no doubt about that. The mother and wife to hunk Ryan Reynolds has always been a beautiful girl. Lively made her big screen debut in 2005 in the film The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, but she is probably best known for her role on the hit television series Gossip Girl. She has also appeared in films such as Savages, The Age of Adalaine, and All I See is You.

Throughout the years, fans have watched her evolve as an actress and a person, however, one thing that we have noticed is that she has had some work done! Lively, has never come out and admitted that she has undergone plastic surgery, but it does not take an expert to notice that she changed both her nose and the size of her breasts. The small change made a huge difference, and even if she won’t admit it, we at TheRichest must admit that she does look better now.



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