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The 12 most dangerous roads in the world and where they are located (With Pictures)


Most dangerous roads in the world – Before we get started, I am well aware that you have probably seen all the Fast and the Furious movies multiple times and are probably a super great driver. But even if you’re essentially Dominic Toretto behind the wheel, you would have to think long and hard before traveling down the next 12 roads that we are going to talk about.


We’ve got places nicknamed “the highway of death,” “death road,” and there is even one road whose name literally translates to “the road that tolerates no mistakes.” We have scanned the globe to discover the 12 most dangerous roads you can travel. Along with being ridiculously terrifying roads, you’ll also find that some of these would be unforgettable for their beautiful sights.

But whether it’s other drivers, steep heights, awful weather conditions or, you know, the Taliban, all of the roads on this list pose more than enough threats to make your next drive out, your last one.

12. Stelvio Pass – Italy stelvioapass

The benefit of taking a trip on Stelvio Pass is that you are in Italy, where there is definitely no shortage of beautiful things around you and sights to see in the cities (not to mention all the food!). But if you want to make sure you can enjoy all of those things, then one of the first steps is making sure you are, you know, alive.

And the easiest way to ensure that may be to avoid taking a trip on Stelvio Pass. The 15-mile long road contains 48 hairpin turns (count ’em, 15!) and at areas requires drivers to pull off 180-degree corners.

The road is also going to test your fear of heights, as at one point it stretches upwards of 9,000 feet. Want to know just how dangerous the road is? You literally can only drive on it from June to September. This is to assure that drivers are only on the road during optimal weather conditions.



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