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12 Strange stories of people who had sex with ghosts – this will shock you! (With Pictures)


Stories of people who had sex with ghosts – It’s a fact. People have claimed to have done it with ghosts, demons and aliens. WTF? Doing the deed with ghosts is called “Spectrophilia”, literally the love of ghosts. Then, there’s Exophilia. That’s with aliens.


How can we expand on that? Well, people who lay claim to the terms like to, well, do stuff, have s*x, do the deed… oh, you get it, with ghosts and aliens. Now demons are a different kettle of fish, as we will see. They are the r*pists of the spirit world. In 1967 there was a Roman Polanski film of Ira Levin’s book Rosemary’s Baby. In it, Rosemary, played by an incredibly young Mia Farrow, has a baby.

So? A baby  with the devil, literally. It creeped out and scared audiences, especially “those” scenes with Mia and the Devil. On the more “romantic” side of spectral love was 1990’s Ghost, in which Demi Moore and Patrick Swayzeplayed young lovers split apart by his tragic death. Eventually, they manage a bit of a kiss and cuddle before he departs for Hollywood heaven.

In the real world? There are lots of people (mostly women) who claim that they have had ghost and alien lovers, even ongoing relationships with their ghost or alien paramour. But when demons are involved, it gets nasty fast, as demons called incubus and succubus attack men and women. And it’s no surprise that some of those stories have been made into terrifying blockbuster movies.

Here are 12 bizarre cases of close encounters with ghost, aliens and demons that will shock you and (maybe) turn you on.

12. Melissa And The Amorous Stranger

Travel Channel’s Ghostly Lovers, told the story of women who claimed to have done it with ghosts. Melissa’s episode was pretty graphic. As she described the tingling and the weight of a body on top of hers, the channel switched to footage they had shot of Melissa in bed, writhing and panting and, well, going through the motions.

“I felt somebody grabbing my arms, pushing me down on the bed… and I went through all the motions of actually having a s*xual encounter with somebody.” Seems all this happened when she was a bartender, living on her own in a New Jersey condo. She says she loved it. Melissa’s 15 of fame or a true story? Or maybe both. As she said on TV, you never know. It could happen to you.



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