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12 Times Taylor Swift lied to the world… She’s been finally exposed! (With Pictures)


Times Taylor Swift lied to the world – Taylor Swift is, without a doubt, one of the most famous women in the entire world. A self-proclaimed farmer’s daughter from Pennsylvania, she has built herself into the best-paid women in the American music industry.


Nearly every teenager across the globe can quote you a line from one of her songs and she’s got a hefty line of ultra-famous ex-boyfriends handsome enough to convince anyone she’s a top Hollywood prize. Plus, her choruses are super catchy and her videos make anyone believe in love again. But with a huge celebrity profile like this, she’s got to be hiding something. No one stays on top of the world without stepping on a few hands.

Is all of her fame due to her talent? Is she really that much better of a singer and a songwriter than anyone else in the industry? Some say it isn’t so. Over the past few years she’s been caught in quite a few larger than life stories that make her out to seem like she’s something between a brilliant prodigy child and a pathological liar. Regardless of her intentions, her public scandals have definitely brought more attention to her music and her brand. Make no mistake about that! Here is a list of 12 times Taylor Swift was caught lying.

12. The Apple Scandal

Taylor Apple

All right Taylor, so what exactly happened with Apple? She wrote a post on Tumblr in 2015 calling out to Apple to give more money to the artists whose songs they were selling because all music was free for a three-month trial period. She refused to make 1989 available and so in record-breaking time, Apple changes all of their policies to adhere to her wishes.

She was revered as a hero in the independent music scene and once again was on top of the world. It seemed like Taylor was the good guy here and Apple to bad guy, but then a few months later they got together to film a commercial for them. All of a sudden, they were working together for the common good (or the common green) and everyone was the best of friends. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.



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