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13 most evil acts committed by serial killers – this will shock you! (With Pictures)

10. Edward Gein – Digging Up & Keeping Bodies


I know we are talking about a lot of terrifying and vile things in this article, but that’s to be expected as these are some of the worst I could find. Now, there are some that wouldn’t fall under the definitive serial killer moniker though their acts were terrifying and potentially the most vile you can think of, that’s where Ed Gein falls. He was an American murderer and evidently a body snatcher who committed crimes by way of digging up corpses and turning them into keepsakes and trophies.

Although unlike the other killers on this list, Ed Gein only confessed to killing two women on this list.  Regardless, he was sentenced to life at the Mendota Mental Health Institute. The only reason people dispute whether or not he is definitively a serial killer is based on the amount of murders alone, however his namesake has been the direct influence of several slasher films that are known to follow the stories of serial killers.



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