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13 most evil acts committed by serial killers – this will shock you! (With Pictures)

6. Jack The Ripper – 19th Century Butcher


Perhaps while being one of the most wide spread names in history, one of the most interesting serial killers in history would have to go to the unidentified person by the name of Jack The Ripper. Everybody at one point in there life has heard this name floating about whether it’s on TV, in the newspaper, or on the internet.

Contrary to some others on this list, there really isn’t much definitive information regarding Jack The Ripper other than the fact that he committed deadly crimes in London toward female prostitutes during an assumed time from 1888-1891. While there still is no lead on the identity of this foul person, individuals have gone as far as saying that it is strictly a myth and Jack The Ripper doesn’t exist. However, there are those that have done extensive research on this topic though to this day the identity of Jack The Ripper remains at large.



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