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13 Shocking facts about the White House they don’t want you to know (With Pictures)

2. First Residents


The first President of the United States, George Washington, was not the first President to live in the White House, that title goes to John and Abigail Adams. Washington did get to see the plans for the White House and was reportedly unimpressed. He believed it to be too small.

The original White House was burned to the ground by the British in 1814 (this was during the War of 1812). The White House was rebuilt and ready for its new tenants in 1817. President Monroe moved into the newly rebuilt White House in 1817. People speculated that the burned walls were just covered and patched in white paint. Yes, white paint was used to cover some exterior markings, especially smoke damage around the windows, but the interior walls were completely taken down and it was rebuilt from the ground up. Then in 1901, it was officially named the White House by Teddy Rosevelt.



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