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13 Shocking facts about the White House they don’t want you to know (With Pictures)

1. Serious Protection

The White House has top-of-the-line security features. Many of its security details are unknown or just speculation but there are some that are known, those include: a bunker that’s six stories underground (under the East Wing of the White House), 147 bullet-proof windows, and whenever the President (or in the case of President Obama–code name “Renegade”) goes anywhere he has an entire armed swat division on the roof of the White House.

The White House is said to have the ability to take down aircraft that is deemed threatening with anti-aircraft missiles. There are snipers situated on the roof at all times! There are also no less than four secret service agents positioned in the hallways in front of the West Wing at all times. It was after the assassination of President McKinley that the Secret Service took on the duties of protecting the President full-time.

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