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LADIES: 5 secrets that will totally transform you and your man’s fear of commitment


Transform you and your man’s fear of commitment – Dig deeper than surface-level. We all have experienced fear, and sometimes, it saves our lives. We have inherited the “fight or flight” response that allowed cave men and women to escape with their lives or fight to survive another day.


In modern times, many of us suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and we may live in fight or flight when the danger is more imaginary than real. Is commitment really that scary and dangerous?

I’ve taught so many people how to create deep levels of intimacy and joy in relationships they had told me were hopeless because they thought many things were hopeless based on old habits of negativity and worry.

Many times, we may fight or flee when someone standing next to us wouldn’t perceive any danger at all. Does this happen to you; and after you’ve run away or fought with someone have you realized that you over-reacted and that you were actually safe?

And if you’ve noticed this in a long-term relationship, are you regretting the drama and all the energy wasted on arguments and break-ups? Or perhaps you’ve missed so many opportunities and you find that your life has become very limited to the few people and environments that you believe are safe?

Here are the 5 secrets to transforming your fear of commitment that you need to know:

1. Pinpoint where you fear came from.

Understand that this fear comes from an old habit that leads you to tell yourself stories that probably aren’t true.

Have you investigated your beliefs and found that you have real proof that you should break up? What may be the underlying issue is not your partner’s behavior as much as your personal history and your habit of fear.

Secret: To be successful in all relationships your life, you can’t predict the future based on the past if you learn new skills in the present. When you learn how to examine the facts of any situation, you can make an informed, practical, non-emotional choice which frees you from the exhaustion of fight or flight.



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