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LADIES: 8 little secrets that will help you win EVERY argument with your man


Secrets that will help you win EVERY argument – At the end of the day, nobody likes to argue. Richard LaGravenese, a popular American screenwriter and film director, was once quoted as saying, “I tend to believe when you’re in a relationship, if you don’t fight it’s not a real relationship. You have to have arguments and tensions; otherwise, I don’t believe it.”


He’s not The Dalai Lama or anything, but that’s some seriously sound relationship logic. So if you’re apprehensive about what I’m suggesting, you can save it.

Arguments are a natural part of loving, monogamous relationships and I’m merely suggesting that there are certain tools that you can use to come away from them feeling like the “winner.” Because let’s face it, no mature how mature or refined of a woman you may be, it always feels damn good to win an argument.

1. Let him speak.

Half the battle in winning an argument is being sure to completely understand the person’s stance. You want to gather as much information as possible before preparing your rebuttal.

Remember: Knowledge is power. If you’re continuously cutting him off you’re putting yourself at risk for worsening the argument, misunderstanding his points and giving him a reason to interrupt you right back.



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