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12 World famous musicians who really can’t sing (With Pictures)


World famous musicians – There is a great deal of musical talent in the world, and much of that talent comes in the form of some incredibly sexy, sultry, and seductive sweeties. But let’s not kid ourselves, there are many, many… too many physically stunning people in this world who get where they want, and what they want, simply by the bat of their lashes, the flick of their hair, the puckering of their lips, the strut of their legs, the shake of their ass, and the baring of an overwhelming amount of cleavage… whether real or fake, without any musical talent whatsoever.


Below is a list of musicians. Attractive musicians who, in spite of their lack of vocal prowess, have managed to make it to the big time, and “sing” for audiences the world over. How is it that they get away with this? Simple. They’ve got some rather gorgeous skin, and they are in no way afraid of showing off quite a bit of it.

Most of these lovely ladies, one might notice, perform not just by singing, but by dancing their stunning bodies all over the stage with a retinue of back-up dancers, and guest artists to grope and grind with. So without further ado, let’s see some upscale skin.

12. Taylor Swift

This once upon a time country singer who made it big by releasing a concept album from Hell, all about a break-up she had when she was an angsty teenager, has made a name for herself with lyrics that like-minded, angst-ridden teeny-boppers weep over, and showing off a whole lot of her body that angst-ridden, teenage boys with one less sock in their drawer swoon over.

Her incredibly white, porcelain skin, vibrant blonde hair, and her intensely blue eyes really pop, especially when she wears black… regardless of how little she happens to be wearing. That being said, if anyone caught her very first performance at Dick Clark‘s Rockin’ Eve in New York, then it’s surely known that Taylor Swift doesn’t exactly have the most fantastic voice outside of the studio. Yeah, she’s certainly improved over the years; I guess practise makes perfect, but perhaps studio time is time better spent.



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