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12 World famous musicians who really can’t sing (With Pictures)

3. Ke$ha

Now here is the famous non-singer. Some consider her far too trashy to find hot, and many find her very hot because she’s trashy. Either way you look at her, it can’t be said that anyone looks up to her for her vocal talent. Spending her time in studio, talking, rather than singing, and talking, one might add, out of tune, so as to make constant and annoying use of the auto-tune— every new musician’s favourite little toy, including Justin Bieber, and Bruno Mars (though at least Bruno can actually sing).

If ever anyone has come across a live performance of Ke$ha… or perhaps it’s just Kesha now, since she’s clearly not raking in the dough anymore, one would know just how unappealing her voice truly is. Stuck in her throat and out of tune, it’s no wonder she stuck with her studio method that made her so popular in the first place.

Unfortunately, since that’s all she had, she fell by the wayside once everyone else started using it. Good looks can’t always get someone places, especially when Google already has the photos everyone wants to see of them.



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