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12 World famous musicians who really can’t sing (With Pictures)

10. Ashlee Simpson

Here is the most famous, or perhaps infamous, pivotal musician to point out the lip-syncing phenomenon of modern music: Ashlee Simpson. Sure, she was the scapegoat for the most part, and no one ever really forgave her when it came out that she didn’t care to sing live for fans. Not even on Saturday Night Live(even though lip-syncing is the norm for SNL, which seems to defeat the purpose of having ‘Live’ in the title), when the first song she did looped over again instead of continuing on to her planned second song to lip sync to.

The band did their best, working to recover from the humiliation by actually playing the second tune, but Simpson did some sort of “hoe down” dance (her words), and then blamed her band afterwards when Jude Law tried to pass it off as the hardships of playing live. The music industry might be littered with pieces of her, but at least those pieces look good in schoolgirl outfits.



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