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12 World famous musicians who really can’t sing (With Pictures)

7. Britney Spears

True, there have been some rough years for Britney Spears, and not all of them very attractive, but one need only think back to that first video drop, Hit Me Baby One More Time, and the entourage of schoolgirls dancing down that hallway… or look at the photo above and surely one is reminded of just how hot this pop star can be.

A lot of people thought it pretty racy of her to perform at the MTV VMAs in 2007 in nothing but a set of sequin bra and panties, but given that MTV used to be edgy, surely this was no crime, even with the male and female back-up dancers grinding all over her, and dancing the poles… she did make out with Madonna four years earlier at the awards show so the shock in 2007 was silly.

After that apparently career-shattering performance, which actually wasn’t all that bad, she was given flack after her comeback performance in 2016 for lip-syncing, which must surely be a joke since every other pop star since she left the stage had taken up the torch of not actually singing their own music.



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