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12 World famous musicians who really can’t sing (With Pictures)

4. J-Lo

Let’s be honest: the only thing that Jennifer Lopez is known for anymore, and pretty well for most of her career, is her booty. The famed “J-Lo Booty” is something women have aspired to have, and that men have aspired to have (in a different way) since J-Lo first shook her thing on stage.

Yes, she’s had a lengthy music career, and a much shorter (thankfully) acting career, but not many people can recall a list of songs she’s put out, or roles she’s played. People just remember that booty. Yeah she’s lip synced… of course she has. J-Lo can’t shake that booty, and have back-up dancers toss her around the stage while she’s worried about actually singing.

It’s likely a good thing that people can only recall her booty these days as, without makeup, she may be virtually unrecognizable, which could be a good thing for her to stay out of the spotlight when she wants to. Either way, she might be able to sing, but you’ll hardly ever hear it for all the vocal tracks covering it up.



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