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13 Dirty secrets Tiffany Trump is hiding from the world (With Pictures)


Dirty secrets Tiffany Trump is hiding – The Trump family has been a focal point of the world’s media for over a year. That will only intensify now that it has become clear that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. While most of us around the world can only shake our heads in wonder, the deed is done.


But there’s still quite a lot that we need to know about his extended family, which includes his adult children– who stood by his side along with his current wife during his election campaign.

Ivanka has already attracted a lot of attention, and his sons have also been trying very hard to ensure that they bring the best possible results to the campaign. Their efforts succeeded, but the two youngest children don’t seem to have been in the spotlight much at all. Tiffany Trump is his youngest daughter, at 22 years old, and there’s a lot we haven’t seen of her. That’s curious for such a high-profile family.

As she’s so rich, and the daughter of a famous man even before he ran for president, a lot of her life has been well-documented. There are a lot of things that the campaign didn’t want us to know about her, and plenty too that Tiffany herself would want to keep hidden. Unfortunately for her, we do know those things, and we’re about to share them with you. These are 13 things that Tiffany Trump, and her father, really didn’t want you to know– but you’re about to…

13. Her Father’s Cringeworthy 1994 Interview


One of the most cringeworthy moments of Tiffany’s life has to have come when she was just a baby in 1994. During a televised interview, a reporter asked, “Donald, what does Tiffany have of yours and what does Tiffany have of Marla’s?” He went on to reply, “Well, I think she’s got a lot of Marla. She’s a really beautiful baby and she’s got Marla’s legs.”

He then made cupped-hand gestures at his own chest, and added, “We don’t know whether or not she’s got this part yet, but time will tell.” Yeah, real classy Donald– discussing your baby daughter’s breasts and legs on television. It’s not like we’re surprised by this by now given what he says about Ivanka, but still.

This was an early sign that we all missed. It can’t be at all comfortable for Tiffany to hear those comments now, and to wonder whether her father really does only think about those two parts of her anatomy.



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