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13 Historical photos that will strike fear through your heart

3. The Klan


One of the scariest images of our time is one of men in a white cloak and pointed hat, especially when they are in a large group or by a burning cross. We all know what that means: the Ku Klux Klan, probably the most hateful group of people in America, and a group who is willing to kill for their beliefs. What is horrifying is that they walk among us every day in plain clothes.

Classified as a “subversive or terrorist organization” and a right-wing extremist group, Klan members are approximately 5,000 in number in the United States. Historically, they are responsible for violent crimes such as murder, bombings, arson, lynchings, and shootings in the name of white supremacy and the “purification” of America.

They encourage violence toward homosexuals and anyone who is not white and Christian, although all Christian sects have denounced the KKK. Their costume invokes fear even just in photos, and likely always will.



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