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LADIES: 3 things you can use to attract any man you want and get him INSTANTLY!

Things you can use to attract any man – Getting a man is occasionally a mystery. Here are the clues you need to solve it. The best way to get a guy is to let a guy get you. There’s an energetic difference that’s very important because only boys want you to get them; men want to win you over and they want to get you.


In order for attraction to happen, the first thing you need is simple: be available. There has to be an opening that a man can see in order to enter your world.

They say the best relationships happen by chance, but what they don’t say is these chance meetings have something in common. Here are 3 things you need to know about how to get a guy to like you:

1. Unstructured time.

You weren’t busy doing something. You were waiting for an event to start, standing in a line, waiting for your car, or at a party. This is the so-called coincidental meeting of two people who aren’t busy.

My favorite places for this to happen are classes, workshops, and ongoing weekly events. Take advantage of the fact that people are friendlier in group settings, and when they see you on a regular basis. You also get to see how guys you’re attracted to interact with other people.



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