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LADIES: 7 things that matters way to guys than your boobs


Things that matters way to guys – Cup size isn’t everything. There is a whole industry devoted to making women feel bad about their small boobs. It’s true. There are manufacturing companies devoted to producing wonder bras, falsies, padding… and that doesn’t even get into the whole surgical breast enhancement racket.


Let’s put aside for the moment that many women get boob jobs or wear padded bras simply because they love how they make them feel. That’s an awesome reason to embrace the boob enhancement industry.

But, for the women who are using those resources to theoretically make themselves more desirable to men, the question remains — is all that effort worth it? Do women really need surgery or store-bought solutions to make men find them attractive despite their small breast size?

As a man, I can tell you that it’s almost certainly not worth the effort. While a woman’s breast size can totally catch a guy’s eye, it’s rarely a determining factor for whether or not a man finds a woman attractive.

In fact, here are 7 things that men hold WAY more important than small boobs when they’re falling in love (or lust) with a woman they just met.

1. Her ass.

Let’s just open with being direct and superficial and gross, OK? Even though cleavage was king for a very long time, in the age of the Kardashians, the ass has completely taken over as the primary sign of a woman’s stereotypical hotness.

It’s a better sign of their overall fitness, it speaks to the tautness of the rest of their body, and it can’t easily be supplemented by a trip to Victoria’s Secret. Young boys might obsess over boobs, but men… men are into asses.



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