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LADIES: Here’s how to attract a Rich and Classy man

How to attract a Rich and Classy man – What qualifies a man to be termed “Classy”? Can a man be called “Classy” without being “Rich”?

“Classy” means having or reflecting high standards in a person’s behavior as well as graceful, showing impressive demeanor.



Classy qualities for a man includes respecting women, using proper language rather than the popular street slangs, dressing up appropriately with pants at a decent waist level, not too high and not too low. Classy men don’t sag their pants. Pant sagging is a prison-fashion that became accepted by people who ought be free.

Ponder on this questions for a moment as we begin this journey to unlock every woman’s dream which is to end up with that prince charming. To lock it down with a guy that’s got class and wealth. What qualifies a man to be termed “Classy”? Respect, Humility, Character, Responsible, Intelligent, Neat amongst lots of other traits. Can a man be called “Classy” without being “Rich”? Yes.

Being Classy is intrinsic, a trait you absorb from within. Being Rich is extrinsic, a material you acquire from without.

If you take away riches from a classy man, he still stays classy because being classy is a personality, it’s a strong character trait you learn and ingrain into your mind. Riches only accentuate a man’s class, it doesn’t define it. But if you take away class from a rich man you will discover he’s just a nuisance. Drama king. He has nothing to lose and nothing to protect so they can drag you down and disgrace you anyday, anytime, anywhere. Shameless people. They are always out to bicker and fight over everything. And they never forget to remind you that they are rich. “He’ll be like, I have money and I can get any girl I want” Uh, please swerve with your gassed up self.

Classy men without money have this confidence that makes a woman love them, esp. if they have prospects. They give you hope, cos you are so attracted to them you sometimes even forget they are broke and can’t really take care of you both. The woman would be willing to spend hers, gladly, for him. Just cos he’s “classy”.

If you have ever listened to Chris Brown ‘’Loyal’’, you would understand that the last thing any woman wants is to date a broke and/or foolish man.

No matter how rich the woman is she still wants a guy that can step up to her financial level. She might not take a dime from you, but she just expects that if she can treat you to breakfast in the executive suite at Transcorp Hotel, you shouldn’t take her to one run-down motel or if she can fly you both somewhere nice to Netflix and chill, you don’t invite her to take a bus on a 5000-mile journey to see you at your run-down shack because she loves you and accepts your measly money situation just cos you can’t step up your financial game.

For the argument, she should love you for you, please answer this, “Would you like to be with a woman who is a financial liability to you? Always looking to collect like you needed a personal tax-collector? Always asking for something, Always ‘I need this, I need that’?’’

Why then do you want to be someone’s liability? You’ll love her, fuck her but can’t support and assist her when she needs it. Keep your dick bruv.

That’s why women get paid for SEX cos they’d rather be fucked and paid than be fucked and broke, and it’s all your fault cos when you see the woman that loves you for real, you always mess up, you always just have to shit in your pants and the stink never washes off.

I personally find it unforgivable that a broke guy will expect to keep a relationship. You’re broke. Focus on getting paid rather than hunt for free fuck under the pretense of “relationship”. – Anonymous

If you want just SEX, say it. You just might be lucky but don’t give mixed signals just for SEX, you either step up and be a classy man or politely clear the room for the man of class whom the woman deserves. Only a classy man (rich or not) knows the art of “no strings attached”.


But how does she get this rich and classy man?

As a woman, to get a rich and classy man you need to have more than sex appeal. Else, you’ll just be a fuck mate. The classy man is operating from an intellectual level so having only the superficial to offer him is a no-no for him. He doesn’t even expect SEX from you. If it happens, fine, if it doesn’t, still fine. The classy man is looking for his intellectual equal

even if she isn’t as rich as he is.

Regardless who made the first move, a woman must exude confidence not attitude, charisma not packaging, intelligence not brain-dead before she can be interesting enough to attract the man.

Naturally beautiful – “Beauty” they say “is in the eyes of the beholder”. The rich and classy man can easily spot a woman who is naturally beautiful and a woman who is “make-up” beautiful. He has original tastes so he will always go for quality rather than quantity. He knows a woman who is beautiful cos he isn’t even interested in the physical to begin with. Yes, good looks is an attraction but he can easily lose interest if a woman is just a dumb-blonde.



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