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Prediction and analysis of the future of MMM – This is what will happen in January

Future of MMM: As always, I would comment on contemporary issues that affect the Nigerian populace. All for love of Nigeria. Even though I believe that Nigeria as it stands is close to a failed state, we can all do more through visionary leadership to emancipate our country from the cesspit that has gutted it. That said, I have followed closely the MMM phenomenon since it came to my attention, and as it is normal of my analytical mind, I have taken time to study the trend, review historical facts, and all other data available to me.


After this review I have therefore, come to the following conclusions on the fate of MMM.

1. For those that are hoping MMM would suddenly resurface in January because the Nigerian planter’s wife said so in a note, are definitely setting themselves up for depression. Nothing of such would happen. This is the deal, MMM is not an investment, it is a gamble. The money is only redistributed therefore the system would crash when two conditions occur – something that has already taken place – and these conditions are as follows:

-When new comers or “help providers” exceeds those who want to receive “help” it sets the stage for a crash

-When those withdrawing exceeds a critical amount needed to keep it rolling regardless of the number of people joining, then the system would crash.



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