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13 things that can kill you if you smell them

12. Sewage

Raw sewage is a smell that most of us would rather never encounter, but we often do at at least one point in our lives. Whether it’s a toilet facility where things have gone a bit wrong, a burst or flooded sewage pipe, or something more sinister, it’s a smell that you will never forget. It’s also a pretty bad thing to be caught up in. If you find yourself knee-deep in sewage and smelling it all around, you could be in line for quite the cocktail of nasty diseases. This is also the kind of smell that you would expect to encounter if your digestive system, particularly the lower parts, were to suddenly and unexpectedly find itself outside of your body and exposed to the open air. Neither of these are particularly nice ways to go, but at least if you do catch a disease from sewage you have a chance of being able to survive it.



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