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13 things that can kill you if you smell them

9. Burnt Toast

Another phantom smell that people sometimes experience when unwell is that of burnt toast. It’s very well documented, and you might have thought of it immediately if you know anything about these kinds of hallucinations. The illness that a burnt toast smell is most closely associated with is a stroke. If you pick up this smell, remember to watch out for the other symptoms of a stroke and try to get help immediately. The quicker a medical team can respond to a stroke, the better chance they have of helping the patient to recover. The other signs are drooping muscles in the face, difficulty with speech, weakness in the arm, dizziness or loss of balance, trouble seeing or blurred vision, confusion, and numbness. If you are unable to call the emergency services yourself thanks to the confusion and other symptoms, try to communicate as quickly as you can to someone else that you are in need of help. If you have visual signs, they may be able to figure it out before you.

8. Gunpowder

This acrid smell is one that lingers in the nostrils for a long time, and it is a sure sign of near danger. The smell of gunpowder is usually triggered when a gun is fired, leaving the scent to linger in the air afterwards. If you smell gunpowder, it could mean that a gun has recently been fired, perhaps at you. Even if you are the one firing the gun, you won’t be kept safe by this fact. It will make you a target to be quickly taken out, either by the police or by those who you are shooting at. If you smell gunpowder because you are near to a large amount of it, for example in a storage area, then you could be in a lot of danger too. It is highly flammable and even a small spark could trigger a huge explosion, taking you with it.



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