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13 things that can kill you if you smell them

1. Lilies

This one is more symbolic, but it could be a creepy premonition of your death. Lilies, particularly white lilies, are closely associated with death. They are an appropriate funeral flower, and if you receive a gift of white lilies from an admirer, you might want to give them straight back. Smelling lilies probably won’t kill you exactly, but it is a sign that death has happened recently. If you are smelling them often because you are going to a lot of funerals, it likely means that you haven’t got long left yourself. Particularly as you grow older and friends start to die on a regular basis, you will know that you are coming to the end of what is likely to be your normal life span. Still, this is the one that you can panic about the least.

By Rhiannon D’Averc,

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