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25 reasons men should get married before 30 – Don’t wait to be a millionaire before getting a wife

Reasons men should get married before 30: Many men believe they have to attain a certain financial status before they can settle down and marry. Then, there are those who have comfortable jobs yet choose to delay getting married because they want to sow their oats before tying themselves down with marriage. It’s commonplace to hear people talk about how the female folk need to get married early because of their biological clock but early is also good for men.


Dear men, here are 25 reasons to run to the altar before 30.

1. You do it without family pressure to marry or have kids.

2. You grow up together.

3. Less baggage (reduced number of former lovers, and a lesser chance of getting your heart broken too many times).

4. It’s easier to blend and bond.

5. You can have a cost-effective wedding (No one can berate you about working all these years and being stingy with your one special day).



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