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36 sweetest things you and your boyfriend can do to better your love

#16 Paint a portrait. You don’t have to be an artist. If both of you are lazing together one afternoon, take a piece of paper and sketch a picture of her. Even if it’s a funny caricature, it’s something that’ll remind her of the good times even years later.

#17 Cuddle her. Cuddle her and caress her without trying to use the excuse as foreplay. Cuddling your girlfriend will release feel good chemicals that’ll make her feel more happy and loved.

#18 Keep the little things in mind. Never overlook the little things, like carrying the grocery bags for her, or holding hands while walking down a street or crossing it. Give her the better seat or let her have the better view wherever you are, at a restaurant or on a flight.

#19 Surprise her. If she’s out and you have some time in your hands, surprise her by doing something for her that she was supposed to do when she gets back. It could be something as simple as doing her chores, washing the dishes, or even preparing dinner for her. After all, it’s always the little things that have the biggest impact in love.



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