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36 sweetest things you and your boyfriend can do to better your love

#20 Create memories for her. Join new activities together or do something for the first time together. Snap pictures each time both of you try something new, and create a photo album for her. Within a few months, you would have created a whole book of memories that would last a lifetime.

#21 Be there for her. Let her see that you’re always there for her, and are willing to be the shoulder for her to lean on. Stand by her during her rough times and give her your complete support instead of ridiculing her or putting her down.

#22 Drop a note. Guys may think this is corny, but it’s still something that’ll make your girlfriend beam with happiness. Text or write a sweet message to her out of the blue. If u can’t be corny in love, then send her a link to a romantic song and tell her that the song reminds you of her.

#23 Say ‘I love you’. Look into her eyes and tell her that you love her. You don’t need to stare hard, just look into her eyes and the magic will work.

#24 Be thoughtful. Thoughtfulness is a trait that all girls love in a guy, but it’s still something no one talks about. If she’s running late for something, help her arrange her stuff, or if her iPad’s battery is about to run out, charge it for her, or prepare a hot cup of coffee for her when she’s coming to your place to meet you after a long day at work.



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