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If you want him to go crazy about you on the first date, read this now.

Hello friends, I am so excited to share with you all again this week. We bless God for keeping us alive to this day. The year has kicked off and many of you will be meeting men as we trust God to connect you with your husbands this year…say Amen! So,  I will be sharing with you a few tips on how to maximise your dates and leave this man with a positive impression that will keep him glued to you. I have had a lot of ladies tell me they went on a date with this guy and everything seemed to have gone well but, unfortunately the guy never came back for a second date. So they wonder… Where did I go wrong?

I will be sharing one tip with you each week till we are done with this topic. I believe you will learn and be blessed.

Today, I will be sharing with you on ‘DRESSING RIGHT’. The way you dress says a lot about you. Men are visual beings.  They are moved by what they see.  They have to see what appeals to them before they can come searching to see the content. Don’t be deceived to think ‘he should only be concerned about inner beauty’. My sister…inner beauty doesn’t stay inside, it reflects on the outside. As you prepare to go on a date, dress the way you will like to be addressed.  Dress like a queen, you will be treated by that man as a queen. 



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