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Married woman’s affairs with 5 men exposed after Whatsapp chat leaks

Married woman affairs: Fortunate Murombo, a Chitungwiza town Council investigations officer, packed her bags and left her matrimonial home in Zimbabwe after she found her husband going through her mobile phone which had incriminating chats. According to the discovery made by Fortunate’s husband, Samuel, the woman had been having illicit affairs with at least five men and some of the transcript of her chat with these men leaves no doubt that she had had sex with them.

The five men who had their contacts saved in Fortunate’s phone are; Edmore Makopa, Fanuel Marowa, Tafadzwa Madzivire, Fanuel Katewa and Miya.The chats on her phone revealed that Fortunate usually left work to go and be with any of her lovers in an accommodation provided by Linda, Fortunate’s work colleague. Samuel got in touch with two of his wife’s lovers and they revealed that Fortunate had deceived them into believing that she was a single woman.

Samuel said that he has forgiven his wife and blamed her behaviour on evil spirits who he said were out to destroy their marriage.

“I feel sorry for my wife and I want to believe that evil spirits are after wrecking our marriage because the first thing she started to do was to hate prayers and stop going to church… She packed her backs soon after taking a bath since I discovered the love messages in her phone while she was bathing… She only sent a message instructing me to take her mobile phone to her mother .”

Samuel said. Since leaving her matrimonial home, Fortunate is believed to be staying with one of her lovers, Miya and has not made any comment on the incident

Fortunate’s conversation with Miya
[21/12 21:32] Miya: I wanted to see you today but I was busy
[21/12 21:33] Fortune: Ndarwadziwa daddy but its okay next tyme just tell yr wife the truth
[21/12 21:35] Miya: Okay babie take care
[21/12 21:35] Fortune: Okay honey more news when we meet I love u for real
[21/12 21:37] Miya: Thanks for loving me
[21/12 21:38] Fortune: Uchiri kubasa
[21/12 21:39] Miya: Ehee ndopedza na 2
[21/12 21:39] Fortune: Sharp honey
[22/12 10:16] Miya: .ibhoo
[22/12 12:27] Fortune: Honey
[22/12 12:28] Miya: Zviri sei wangu
[22/12 12:28] Fortune: Zviribho
[22/12 12:29] Miya: Uri kupi izvozvi
[22/12 12:30] Fortune: Manyamd
[22/12 12:30] Miya: Okay sharp
[22/12 12:38] Fortune: Pane munhu aneJeep hanzi iri worthy 7000
[22/12 12:45] Fortune: Talk to me darling inoita hr swap nestand
[22/12 12:45] Miya: Ehee inoita but I have to see it
[22/12 12:46] Fortune: Okay bbe
[22/12 13:09] Fortune: Iiiii shame
[22/12 13:10] Fortune: Are u coming bbe
[22/12 13:53] Fortune: Daddy makupi handiti uchada kuenda kubasa
[22/12 13:59] Fortune: Hallo
[22/12 14:17] Fortune: Hamuchadaire phone rega ndiende zvangu tozokuonai makuda kutiona
[22/12 15:12] Fortune: Bbe taura neni
[22/12 15:13] Miya: Ndiri kutaura na gulez
[22/12 15:13] Fortune: Sharp
[22/12 15:18] Fortune: Chimbotaurai naGulez
[22/12 16:20] Fortune: Bbe ndakusuwa shaa usandirwadzise
[22/12 16:22] Fortune: Ukuitei hako
[22/12 16:23] Miya: Preparing to go to work
[22/12 16:24] Fortune: Okay daddy mushande bho
[22/12 16:36] Fortune: Nditumirewo photo rako bbe
[22/12 17:44] Fortune: Bbe photo rako raramba kutumirika futi
[22/12 18:40] Fortune: Kkkkk
[22/12 18:40] Miya: Kwete babie
[22/12 18:41] Fortune: Linda arikuda kuona Bamako rasta ravo kkkk
[22/12 18:42] Fortune: Ndakuona bbe happy now
[22/12 19:04] Miya: Gore rino handisi kuzojaivha paXmas nokuti makumbo anenge achirwadza nokumira mubank

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