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The 13 most feared criminals in the world right now – #3 is Nigerian and this will make you shiver (With Pictures)


Who: Abubakar Shekau – Islamist terrorist and leader of Boko Haram, which translated means: “Western education is a sin”.

Where: Nigeria.

What he wants: Establish an Islamic state in Nigeria and introduce Sharia law.

What he does: Bombings and village massacres, with at least 14 attacks already in 2014. The sect came to the world’s attention with April’s kidnapping of 223 Christian schoolgirls who BH say won’t be freed until an “army” of fighters are released from Nigerian jail cells.

How he can be stopped: According to UN analysts, the Nigerian government needs to reduce chronic poverty in BH strongholds and build an education system to gain local Muslim support.


Who: Sun Kailiang – superhacker and captain in the People’s Liberation Army, China.

Where: China.

What he wants: To disrupt the US economy, using cyberwarfare.

What he does: Kailiang – as part of a five-man economic espionage team – has been charged by the FBI of illegally accessing the computer systems of six US companies related to the nuclear industry and controlling computers to steal technical specifications and trade secrets.

How he can be stopped: Counter-offensive virus software has been developed that traces the cyber trail left by attacking malware all the way back to the source server and shuts it down before it can take screenshots of blueprints, copy passwords etc.



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