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10 most horrific plane crashes that shook the world – #2 happened right here in Nigeria (With Pics)

Most horrific plane crashes: When a plane does crash, the casualties are just way too disturbing. Hundreds of people can die in an instance just because of one wobbly screw or a simple misjudgment made by the pilot. Sadly, this happens from time to time. If you have a flight in the near future, I strongly recommend skipping this article. This is because we’re looking at the most horrific plane crashes in the history of the world.


10. Collision Of Two Boeing 747 Planes

583 people died on March 27, 1977, when two Boeing 747 planes crashed into each other at the airport in Tenerife, Spain. It’s regarded as one of the deadliest accidents in the history of aviation. The reason for this tragedy was a simple miscommunication. After Spanish separatists planted a bomb in the nearby airport of Gran Canaria (also a part of Spain), all the planes were routed to the closest airport in Tenerife. Sadly, it only had one runway and one taxiway. As we know now, Tenerife airport could not handle all the traffic, and it caused the collision of KLM Boeing 747 and Pan Am Boeing 747. 248 people on the first aircraft died in the accident. The second aircraft was even bigger… 335 people from the Pan Am Boeing 747 died that day, and only 61 survived. This catastrophe is a reminder why we need staff at all airports to be properly trained — especially when it comes to air traffic control.



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